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2016 Workshop Schedule

December 9-11 Maggie Siner
This Workshop is FULL. See Registration Page for wait list information.

Color and Shape
Painting is an arrangement of colored shapes. This fact defines the most important truth of learning how to paint. No matter what the actual subject of the painting, ans artist must learn to see the world in the language of colors an shapes rather that as nameable objects. Each artist then refines and develops this language in a personal way. Working from observation (still-life) this intensive workshop will stress the nuances of direct visual perception and the importance of selection and simplification (what NOT to paint) in making a strong, dynamic painting. We will focus on acquiring color sensitivity, seeing shapes of light and dark, attention to edges, using shape and brushwork for gestural unity, and good studio practices. 
Previous experience required.

LOCATION: 3330 Piedmont Rd NE #18, Atlanta, GA 30305


Maggie Siner has over 3 decades of teaching experience in Art Academics, universities, and workshops around the world. She exhibits her paintings, drawings and sculpture in Venice, Paris, London, New York, Wahington DC, Atlanta, Boston, etc. and her work is in hundreds of collections. She studied at Boston University (BFA 1973) and American University (MFA 1976) of New York in 1968, graduated from Boston University (BFA) and American University (MFA) and spent much of her adult life living in France, China and Italy. Noted for her inspiring teaching style that is intelligent, structured, generous, stimulating and unique, she has taught at Xiamen University in China, Institute de Universites Americaines in France, The Washington Studio School, the Savannah College of Art and Design, American University, Lacoste School of the Arts in France, etc.
the momentary nature of vision and time.

2017 Workshop Schedule

January 2017 Leslie Newman


This workshop is designed for the New and or Experienced Abstract Artist working with acrylic painting materials. Open to those who are familiar with acrylics and have a basic understanding of color or want to experiment with new ways of using these or those who are stuck in a slump. 

Leslie will start with a demonstration of the many approaches she uses to create an abstract painting. There will be loosening up exercises and mark making. There will be guided exercises to help you liberate your individual style and explore where your journey will take you in the art of abstract. There will be no expectations, negative voices, dismissive criticism. This will be all about fun. 

We will touch on the color wheel and color mixing to assure everyone has the same basic understanding of these concepts. We will explore various washes and landing points building and subtracting. We will discuss the many different styles of composition including value and shape. 

 You will learn to be generous with yourself. Get out of your comfort zone, let loose your creativity, get rid of that inner critic that has you stuck. So that by the final phase, you will be able to put the finishing touches on your own beautiful abstract painting, 

Leslie Newman is a self taught abstract artist living in Marietta, Georgia. She grew up in Washington, D.C where from an early age she spent her weekends exploring the many art galleries the city has to offer. Starting to draw and paint as a very young girl, she encountered an art teacher who changed her life by gently guiding her toward her life's passion – painting. Beginning in watercolor, Leslie has gravitated to abstract because she loves the freedom that it gives her. Leslie’s love of teaching has evolved out of the many requests from various artists living in the Atlanta area and from across the United States.

February 15-17 Derek Penix

This three day workshop is for adults, from beginner to advanced.  The workshop will consist of one-on-one instruction, demonstrations, critiques, and plenty of time for painting.
Students will use oils to paint from photographs consisting of birds and boats, with one day to paint something of their choice. Penix will cover topics such as the power of warm and cool, complementaries, harmony, edges, shape-quality, variety, simplifying, loosening brushwork and the power of suggestion. There will be a strong emphasis on seeing in terms of mass and shape relationships. Penix will cover how fear can ultimately keep you from expression.


Derek Penix was born on December 29, 1980 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Penix grew up watching members of his family paint but didn't pursue painting himself until after high school. After trying his hand at painting and selling his first piece he knew this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. 
Over the years Penix's work has changed greatly and continues to evolve with each painting. "I never want to be stuck painting only one way or only one subject matter. Variety is the spice of life and is especially that way for me with painting." 

Penix has had the opportunity to work under Quang Ho and later with C.W. Mundy. "They have helped me as an artist immensely. I am so thankful that they have been willing to feed into my life as they have."  
Penix has been recognized in many national competitions and publications. Even at a young age Penix was recognized in South West Art Magazine's “21 Under 31” artist competition in 2010 and Oklahoma Magazine's "40 Under 40" in 2014.\

March 25-27 Lyn Asselta



Involved in fine art and fine craft for the past 25 years, Lyn Asselta's extensive background has included titles such as elementary school art teacher, draftsman, calligrapher, workshop instructor, and creator of award-winning fine-art gourd vessels. Having had the good fortune to live in places that offered up amazing scenery, from the salt marshes and waterways of Florida, to the Smoky Mountains of the Carolinas,  to the rock-bound coast of Maine, Lyn realized that her life's one common thread was her fascination with the landscape. 

Lyn is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA) and a Master's Circle recipient of the International Association of Pastel Societies.  She is the founder of the First Coast Pastel Society (FL), a Member of Excellence of the Southeastern Pastel Society, and is a member of the American Artists Professional League. In 2009, Lyn had the honor of being an Artist in Residence for the National Park Service at Acadia National Park in Maine.  Her work was featured in the February 2016 issue of Pastel Journal and her painting "Blue Morning, Crescent Beach" appeared on the cover.  Lyn's home and studio are in the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. 

June 16-18 David Shevlino



David Shevlino was born in Jersey City, NJ in 1962. A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania, he also studied at the Art Students' League in New York. Growing up near NYC, Shevlino was exposed to art as a teenager. He began making trips to art museums at age 15 and developed a love of traditional figurative painting.  His early work was very traditional and classically inspired.  However, after many years of experimenting, Shevlino began exploring a looser paint application which straddles the line between representational painting and abstraction.  This "in between" area is where the painter feels most comfortable and best able to express his artistic voice.  His paintings are characterized by broad brushstrokes, a sensuous application of paint and an obvious feel for tonal harmonies. At the same time, the artist demonstrates a firm sense of control, tightening up the composition through his deft modeling of the human form.

Shevlino has exhibited work nationally in both solo and group exhibits over the past two decades and currently lives in Wilmington, DE.